Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2.3.4-Adding It Up to Green

1.    What types of professionals should be included on a project team and throughout the project in order to obtain a LEED ID credit?
Green builders, habitat restorers, and architecture or residential designer.

2.    What specific solar orientation practices can earn LEED credit?
Facing the front of the house towards the sun.

3.    What types of sites should be avoided in order to obtain LEED credit?
Sites that are environmentally sensitive should be avoided.

4.    What basic landscape design practices should be followed in order to obtain LEED credits?
Any turf must be drought tolerant, do not use turf with a slope of 25%, and all compacted soil must be tilled to at least 6 inches.

5.    What are some ways that architects can obtain LEED credits concerning water efficiency?
Efficient discharge, drainage and water collection.

6.    What building components or systems can be enhanced to contribute to LEED credits that promote energy efficiency?
Plumbing, insulation, electrical, and heating and air conditioning.

7.    How can the choices of (or use of) materials affect the LEED rating of a home?
Environmentally preferable products, and the framing must be limited to an estimated waste factor to 10% or less.

8.    What is required to earn LEED credits with respect to moisture and indoor pollutants in kitchens and bathrooms?
Choose an efficient framing system as well as doing all the fabrication off-site

9.    From a public relations perspective, why might a company want to have a high LEED score?
Bragging rights, and it helps with the costs of electrical and heating.  Also it would help with attracting people who are environmentally active.

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